How I Became My Own Health Expert And Healed My Autoimmune Disease

There is something terrifying about the thought of loosing things, going backward, having to survive on less, and having to admit that, despite your best efforts, things just didn’t turn out as planned.

It’s an emotional process that can leave even the most optimistic person feeling raw and vulnerable.

But what is a life lived without challenges and the lessons that go with them? My challenge was autoimmune disease, and it changed everything.

I was an elementary school teacher when I started getting sick. My husband and I had just gotten married and purchased our first home. We had two children and were starting the work of blending a family and building a future together.

Within three years, everything changed. We found ourselves downsizing into an apartment and starting the financial planning for when I could no longer work full-time.

It was scary and disappointing, to say the least, but it was the reality we were faced with.

All the hopes and dreams we had our first year of marriage simply slipped through our fingers. They were replaced by doctor’s visits, medication, pain, fatigue, and a very different outlook on what the future might hold.

We eventually found ourselves living in a mobile home. We’ve been here for a little over 10 years now.

Living on less certainly is a challenge, but we’d prepared for it the best we could, and in the end, I finally had the time and space I needed to concentrate on my health and heal my body.

By this point, my priorities had drastically shifted from making money, advancing in my career, and creating a financially sound future – to just being able to walk down the hall.

Because of all of this, health became my number one goal. I dedicated my life to achieving it for myself.

My experiences with auto-immune disease taught me how to be my own health expert and eventually heal my body.

I learned to eat well on a limited budget. I created an at home exercise program. I learned how to support my metabolic health and choose food based on my body’s intuitions and cravings. I practiced meditation. I created a strong Spiritual practice. And I showed up for myself.

This is the work of healing.

If you want to feel better, you have to show up for yourself. Every. Single. Day. That’s your job.

Doctors can diagnose you and give you a starting point. But they can’t go home with you to do the actual work of healing.

You have to do that.

Each journey is unique and there are many pathways to healing, but it’s up to you to create the time and space for those pathways to emerge in your own life.

Once you’re ready to do that, you’re ready to heal.

Check out my services for private lifestyle coaching and workshops. Learn how you can be your own health expert and feel better in your body.

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