Managing An Illness vs. Healing My Body

Being chronically ill was one hell of an experience.

It changed everything.

My entire life became a tug-of-war between managing the illness or healing my body.

For the first decade, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t do both.

Why wasn’t it possible to both manage my illness and heal my body?

It took many years of doctor’s visits, spiritual retreats, yoga sessions, and juices before I realized the answer.

Managing an illness and healing my body are two very different things.

One requires me to remain sick while the other does not.

When I was working from the philosophy of managing my illness first, everything was out of my control. My treatment plan and medication required my body to be in crisis.

Once I started focusing on health, a healthy body naturally followed.

Now, I’m no longer managing a body in crisis. Instead, I’m focused on living a healthy, vibrant life.

This shift in mindfulness has made all the difference…

What health goal do you want to accomplish and how are you focusing your energy?

Look for places you may be inadvertently sabotaging yourself – like I did.

Reframe your goal with positive language and approach your action steps as if the goal has already been met.

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