How I Stay Motivated

I was invited to be a guest speaker recently in a yoga class, and one of the questions I was asked is: How do you stay motivated?

In the moment, I went immediately to pain. I don’t want to be in pain, and eating a whole food, plant based diet alleviates that for me – along with exercise, strength training, meditation, good family/friend relationships, and a great stress management plan.

But, buried underneath all that stuff, the truth is, I don’t have health insurance.

I can’t go to the doctor because I can’t afford to. Unless it’s literally life or death, seeing a doctor regularly for my autoimmunity would bankrupt me all over again. (FYI – it’s really expensive to have a long-term illness in America in the 21st century.)

I stay motivated because I can not afford the alternative.

When it got to the point I was in too much pain to work full time, leaving my career as a teacher also meant giving up my health insurance.

It was an asinine choice to have to make in this day and age, but it is the reality I live with.

Having no health insurance makes taking care of my health my top priority.

So, that’s what motivates me every single day to keep making the healthiest choices I know how to in any given moment, and to take those choices seriously.

Eat as if you don’t have health insurance and I guarantee your diet will overhaul itself in no time.

How’s that for motivation?

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