Staying Healthy Without Healthcare

I personally don’t have healthcare. It’s something I haven’t talked about until recently because, to do so, I had to get over my own feelings about it.

I know full well how uncomfortable this topic makes people. But, my reality is the same for millions, so it’s ok to talk about it and how I’ve dealt with it.

To me, it doesn’t matter anymore why I don’t have access to affordable healthcare, I just don’t. I’ve accepted that that’s the world I live in and have moved on to the business of taking care of myself and my family accordingly.

It was terrifying at first, but since I had no other choice, I sucked it up and started doing my research.

I learned that supporting my family’s health without using modern medicine or being under a doctor’s care meant two things:

1. Going back to my roots

2. Expanding my knowledge of health alternatives.

I started figuring out how to use food as medicine, making myself my own human experiment in alternative health practices.

I read about macrobiotics, plant based diets, raw food, and juicing. I watched health documentaries, took online classes, researched herbs, made friends with vegans, and otherwise dove deep into the world of what, exactly, a healthy relationship with food and my body really means.

Over the past four years, I’ve come up with a reliable system for listening to my body, defining my symptoms, researching what nutrients I need, and figuring out what foods and herbs I can use to nourish and support my wellness.

Not having the luxury of a primary care physician meant taking ownership of my health and eating habits. While this has been empowering on many levels, it hasn’t been easy.

We live in a world where unhealthy food and eating practices are the norm, and sound nutrition advice is buried under advertisements, gimmicks, and marketing. That being said, going old school can be done. It just takes patience and dedication.

There are ways to be and stay healthy if you don’t have access to affordable healthcare. Follow me to learn more about how I do it.

Check out my Instagram page to see how I work with food on a daily basis.

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