Why Food Quality Matters

These days when I’m not cooking food, I’m learning about it – and the many ways it effects the whole human system – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I remember the first time my sinuses where overwhelmed with the scent and flavor of a tomato I’d eaten almost 12 hours earlier.

How does that even happen?!?

I’ve researched the three brain theory of the human body. Basically, there are three centers in the human body that work like ‘brains’. One is in the head, the other in the heart, and the third is in the stomach.

Call me crazy – and many have – but that 3rd brain knew exactly what I’d eaten and was beginning to put it to work in my system.

How do I know? Because I could feel, smell, and taste the food – a tomato in this case – as my stomach’s ‘brain center’ decided what nutrients it had to work with and where to send them.

Equally, if my tomato has pesticide on it from conventional growing methods, my body also recognizes those and sends them off to various places like the liver to be dealt with.

Food and the body communicate. They have to. It’s how this whole staying alive thing works. Every single thing you eat becomes a bone, a muscle, an organ, – a tumor, a pimple, or arthritis.

The body can only respond to what you feed it and how you treat it. And no matter what you mentally tell yourself about your health, your body will always bring you back to reality.

The body doesn’t know how to lie.

This is why it’s vitally important to make healthy food choices. Would you eat a moldy piece of bread or a rotten apple? How about food that’s been sprayed with chemicals or animals that are diseased?

Of course not. When you can see your food getting sick, you know if you eat it, you’ll get sick, too.

The type and quality of food you eat on a regular basis makes you who you are – literally. This is why becoming conscious of that you eat is so important.

Eating foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce, don’t recognize as a whole food, or know is a chemical, has a multitude of adverse health effects.

Equally, eating good quality, organic, non or lightly processed foods allows for the body to get maximum health benefits from your diet without any garbage or disease getting in the way.

You are what you eat in so many ways and on so many levels. This is why reconnecting with food is so important for long term healing and health.

Eat the best quality food you can afford. Always.

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