How To Build A Grocery List

Today was grocery shopping day at my house. I typically go once a week, filling my cart with all the plant-based goodness I need to juice, eat, and snack on until the following week.

I started making grocery lists when I began transitioning from a meat based diet to a plant based one.

When I began my transition, I started with one meatless day a week. My grocery list contained the ingredients I needed for that day. Once I got those items, I simply shopped as usual for everything else.

I did that for the first month, which helped me get used to buying, and actually eating more plant foods each week.

From there, I shopped for two meatless meals a week, then four… and so on.

This helped me naturally and organically shift from buying animals and animal-based products to buying plants and plant-based products.

As I worked with through this process, I stuck to what I knew I liked in the fruit and vegetable isles. I also cooked things that were familiar – like pasta with extra veggies, salads, soups, and burritos.

This helped me easily create and document a new way of eating.

Now, a typical grocery list for me is filled with plant and plant-based products I know I’m going to eat each week.

Here are some things to keep in mind when changing your diet and building your own plant-based grocery lists:

1. Start with what you know you like and will actually eat. Plan for one or two meatless days a week. Do this until your meatless days become an enjoyable part of your regular weekly eating routine.

2. Add in dark leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables for calcium as you are ready. Do this while simultaneously taking out milk and dairy products.

3. Add in rice and beans for protein as you take out animal proteins. (Rice and beans together create a complete protein).

4. Use frozen and canned fruits, berries, and beans to help save time and money as you transition.

5. Arrange, display, and organize your pantry, fruit table, and refrigerator so that plant based foods are readily available and easy to eat every day.

Building a grocery list was one of the easiest ways I found to keep me on track and help me learn to eat more fruits and vegetables. It can be a great tool for you to use as well while you transition to a more vibrant, healthy way of eating.

Want to learn to eat healthier but don’t know how? Check out my food lifestyle workshops and coaching sessions, and eat your way to better, more vibrant health!

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