Describe Your Kitchen

Food is the heart of life – which makes the kitchen the heart of the home.

When I was studying macrobiotics, one of the key principles I learned was:

Government begins in the kitchen.

This is so true. How we nourish and feed ourselves determines how we participate in and govern the rest of our lives.

What happens in our kitchens is of vital importance.

With that in mind, describe your kitchen…

Is it warm or cold?

Messy or clean?

Abundant with fresh fruits and vegetables or arid with overly processed junk food?

Do all your appliances work?

Do have any fun gadgets that make cooking easier, faster, and more fun?

Is there a place to sit and have meaningful meals with meaningful conversation?

How much time do you spend making your kitchen the wellness factory of your life?

Setting ourselves up for success in life begins with how we nourish and care for our physical bodies.

All Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Creative work we do needs a healthy body to ground into. If we expect to have the physical capacity to participate in our existential activities, we need a kitchen and a food lifestyle that supports our best health.

So, go hang out in your kitchen. Warm it up, make it cozy, and turn it into the wellspring of vitality that nourishes every other part of your life.

You deserve that.

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