Hitting My Head

I got hit in the head today. It was just one of those things that happen in life. The hatchback of our SUV came down on top of me with a pretty hefty clunk.

If I had health insurance, I would have gone to the doctor.

But I don’t.

So I went to my kitchen instead.

I’ve learned to stock my kitchen as a food pharmacy – for everyday use as well as emergency care. I also recently did a workup for a client who wanted nutritional support to help heal from a head concussion.

I pulled out the Personalized Eating Plan I’d made for that person and have immediately begun to apply it to myself. I feel good about the fact I do have a working knowledge of how to use food and nutritional support to help me heal. It was also incredibly convenient to have a ready-made care plan to put into action.

That being said, it’s always interesting to play the risk assessment game when it comes to my health and the health of my family. Not having insurance makes the decision to seek medical care complicated. I want to take care of myself and my family. I also want to be able to eat, pay household bills, and keep the heat on…

Situations like today are the ones that always make me stutter when it comes to health, healthcare, access to healthcare, and so on.

So many people are left choosing between one life essential and another.

I’m not quite sure why we do this to each other as a society.

But I do know it’s why I am so dedicated to using Food as Medicine. It’s the medical frontline for myself and my family when going to the doctor is simply not an option.

Follow my blog to see how I use food as medicine and take care of my health on a regular basis.

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