Hitting My Head: Day Two

Using Foods Medicinally To Heal Physical Trauma In The Body

Yesterday I hit my head. As I mentioned in that blog post, I turned immediately to food, and began giving my body the nutritional support it needs to heal.

Right off the bat I implemented a food plan specifically targeted for brain health.

When the brain is injured, it needs specific nutrients to heal: Vitamins C, D, and E, along with magnesium, zinc, and Omega 3’s. (source: Concussion Alliance).

Yesterday I added pineapple and oranges to my morning juicing for a boost of Vitamin C. I also ate homemade vegetable soup the rest of the day, which provided me with a host of plant based nutritional support.

Today, I’m continuing to listen to my body’s needs and eating accordingly.

I wanted more pineapple and oranges in my morning juice, so I made sure to add them in. I have also been craving olives all day – which are high in Vitamin E.

I steamed red potatoes, pairing them with with a creamy coconut milk and collard greens sauce. Red potatoes and collared greens are both excellent sources of magnesium.

Lastly, I ate a serving of sardines to get the emergency boost of omega 3’s my brain needs right now.

When I use food medicinally, I take great care to listen to my body and give it the emergency nutritional support it needs to recover quickly. I listen to my cravings and allow my body to dictate what it wants to eat.

While I am still tired, following a medicinally directed food plan is helping my head heal. I felt a cool, soothing effect at the site of my injury from the pineapple and orange juice. The potatoes and cream sauce offered me a sense of comfort and the olives cheered me up.

Tomorrow I will continue to allow my body to dictate my meal choices . I trust it knows what it needs to heal, and my only job right now is to listen and care for it accordingly.

Follow me to learn more about how to use food medicinally to help support your body’s amazing ability to heal.

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