Creating a Strong Mind/Body Connection

Learning how to swing a golf club made me think about my own mind/body connection

Creating a strong mind/body connection is a vital part of taking care of your health.

Your thoughts create your actions. Your actions create your overall life conditions.

If you want to be healthy, you have to train your brain to think healthy thoughts. Healthy thoughts lead to healthy choices you can maintain over time.

Try this simple exercise to become aware of, strengthen, and utilize your mind/body connection effectively.

You’ll want a notebook and pen!

Sit quietly for about 5 minutes. Allow your thoughts about your current state of health to naturally occur to you. What things start popping up in your head? Take note and write them down.

You can instantly see what you think about most often.

Next, choose 1 of these thought patterns and answer the following questions about it.

  1. What emotions come up when I think of this issues?
  2. What scenarios do I most often create around this issue and how do they play out in my head?
  3. Do I apply solutions or problem solving techniques to these issues?
  4. Do I typically feel like I can make these solutions last long-term? Why or why not?
  5. Are my problem solving techniques realistic in my current lifestyle? Why or why not?

Once you’ve figured out how you think about your health and how your mind interacts with those thoughts, you can work on changing them.

When I started this process, I realized that often times I let my mind focus on all the things that were frustrating me or going wrong. I would play these scenarios out over and over in my head, much to the detriment of both my diet and my golf swing!

What I realized is that, as long as I’m focusing on the problems, I’m never letting myself create solutions!

I was stuck in thought problems instead of thought solutions.

Here are a few examples of how I changed my own thinking:

I just can’t lose weight vs. I want to be healthy

My body hurts so much vs. This is what feels good in my body

I don’t want to give up my comfort foods vs. I can create healthy meals that taste amazing

I’m too tired to do anything vs. This is a great way to relax

I hate exercising vs. I enjoy this activity

I can’t hit the golf ball vs. Relax and concentrate on a good swing

Create your own list of thought problems vs. thought solutions to strengthen your mind/body connection and get past the things holding you back.

Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments. I’d love to hear how you’re creating change in your own life!

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