Finding Your Power During Illness

Living with long-term illness taught me many lessons. I’ve cultivated patience, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, self-love, boundaries, and joy for my life. But, to get to this place, I had to deal with my anger, exhaustion, grief, self-pity, – and a whole lot of other issues being sick for a long time brings up.

From the moment I was diagnosed and put on pharmaceudical drugs, I knew I wanted something different for myself. I just didn’t know how to create that in my life. Every doctor I went to told me exactly the same thing: We don’t know what’s causing you to be sick, we don’t know how to cure your illness, but you have to take drugs or you will become even more sick. I could never fully grasp that logic, and therefore, I always believed there was another option for me. I just had to find it.

This is what started my healing journey.

Will I ever fully recover my body? I don’t know. I was unnecessarily medicated for a long time. The drugs I was prescribed completely wrecked my insides. But I still have hope.


Because I have choices.

Choices give me the power to take control of my health. That feels so much better than being the victim of my illness.

I have the power to eat healthy.

I have the power to reduce stress in my environment.

I have the power to create healthy support networks.

I have the power to be kind to myself.

I have the power to enforce healthy boundaries.

As long as I have choices, I have power, even on the rough days, and that’s what helps me stay committed to my recovery process.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, or you’ve been dealing with illness for a while, remember, your choices are your power.

**Healthy Homework Journal Entry**

Write down one healthy choice you can make today and reflect on the following:

  1. How does this choice make you feel?
  2. What do you need to do to support yourself while making this choice?
  3. What are the short-term benefits?
  4. What are the long-term benefits?
  5. How does this choice help you feel powerful and in control of your body?
  6. How will making this choice help you stay committed to taking care of yourself?
  7. Is there anything else you need to explore around this choice? If so, keep writing…

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