No Pain, No Gain?

No Thank You!

I grew up in the 80’s with the exercise mantra: “No Pain, No Gain”

What I’ve come to realize over the years is that when there’s pain, there’s a problem. Pain is an indicator that I’m either overdoing my exercise routine or I’m out of alignment.

In both cases, I’m harming my body.

I prefer my exercise routine to be enjoyable. I want to feel good from start to finish. Furthermore, I want to feel good when I’m done. Exercise is meant to give me more energy throughout the day, not less. If I’m constantly breaking myself down, making myself tired, and creating injuries, I’m defeating the purpose.

My new exercise mantra is: No Pain, All Gain

It works so much better!

I stay motivated when I’m listen to and loving my body instead of constantly pushing myself to do more, more, more. I also find I can sustain regular workouts over the long haul when I’m focused on things like good posture and proper alignment over heavier weights or more strenuous cardio.

Whether I’m doing yoga, lifting weights, or breaking out my aerobic step, I’m always putting my body first and allowing it to decide the time and intensity of my workouts.

No pain, all gain.

Try it! Your body and your exercise routine will love you for it.

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