Juicing Basics

I love juicing in the morning. I start out every day with 8 – 10 ounces of plain celery juice followed by a second juice. My second juice is either melon based or carrot based. I’ve been juicing like this every day for the past three years – and January 26th will be my juice anniversary.

Here is how I put together my juice for the day along with some basic tips to help you create a juice routine that works for you!

Every morning I check the fruits and vegetables that are ready to be used in my kitchen. Once I decide on a melon or carrot base, I build from there.

For melon based juices, I use either straight watermelon, straight cantaloupe, or honeydew with a few additions. If I have grapes or pomegranates that need to be used up, I add those to my honeydew recipe.

For my carrot juices, I use carrots, cilantro, ginger, and turmeric for the base. I’ll add 3 – 5 medium carrots, one bunch of cilantro, and 1 inch each of ginger root and turmeric root. You can substitute loose leaf parsley for cilantro if desired. Fruits and vegetables I add with this basic carrot base include the following:







summer squash



How much I use of each ingredient depends on what is ripe and ready to use.

Here are some tips to help you explore recipes and build a juice routine that works for you.

  1. Start with ingredients you know you like
  2. Make simple 1 – 3 ingredient juices and build from there
  3. Take the time to explore juicing recipes and videos online (check out my juicing videos on YouTube at Unprofessionally Plant Based)
  4. Have fun and enjoy the process
  5. Share your recipes with others

**Just a quick note, mangoes and papayas produce very thick juice. It works best to juice a slice or two of these fruits followed by a more watery fruit or vegetable like apples, zuchinni, or summer squash. This will give you the best yield for your fruit while preventing your juicer from clogging up**

Check out the following two juicing videos I made from my Facebook Live Events this Veganuary to help you get started:

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Mornin’ Mango Juice

I love juicing in the morning and this recipe is one of my favorites!


4 carrots

3 apples

2 mangoes

1/2 bunch cilantro

1/2 inch turmeric root

1/2 inch ginger root

Wash carrots and cut off ends. Cut apples into quarters and take out seeds and stems. Peel and cut mangoes. Wash cilantro and cut off bottom part of stems.

Start by rolling the cilantro up into a ball and feeding it through the juicer. Next, add turmeric and ginger root followed by mango. Lastly, juice the apples and carrots. Stir with spoon and drink immediately.

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Tropical Sunrise Juice

A great way to start the morning!


4 carrots

1/2 bunch cilantro

1/2 inch turmeric root

1/2 inch ginger root

1 mango

2 cups papaya

2 – 3 cups pineapple

Wash and cut pineapple, papaya, and mango. Set aside desired amount of fruit and refrigerate the rest. Cut root ends off cilantro and wash well. Wash carrots and cut off ends.

Juice cilantro first by rolling it up into a loose ball. Next, add turmeric and ginger root. Follow with papaya and mango. Lastly, juice carrots and pineapple.

I like making a little extra of this juice to flavor rice and veggie recipes.

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Celery Juice vs. Coffee

I used to start every morning with coffee. I had my first cup when I was 12, and by 16, I was a coffee-holic. I religiously sought out my fix for three decades….

Until my mid 40’s, when celery juice came into my life.

I know it may not seem exciting to replace warm, delicious coffee with cool, green celery juice, but don’t stop reading just yet…

Because it’s not simply a cup of coffee that got booted out of my daily routine.

It was also all the sugar, cream, and caffeine that went with those morning cups of java. Not to mention the headaches, tiredness, mid-afternoon crashes, and adrenal fatigue… all that went out the window when I switched from coffee to celery juice.

This was one of the first changes I made when going plant based, and one of the best decisions I’ve made for my overall health.

Making a glass of celery juice takes about the same amount of time as getting a cup of coffee. It’s cool, refreshing, and super easy.

Plus, taking the dairy, sugar, and caffeine out of my diet has helped me loose over 50 pounds.

How to Juice Celery

Cut tips and ends off one bunch of celery. Wash well. Run through juicer. Drink immediately.

That’s it!! And it’s so good for you.

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